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Amber for your organization.

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Amber for you

Amber offers a solution for:

Business trips

From home, office or from one of our public hubs, your employees can now go fully electric to the external appointment. Amber offers a 100% trip guarantee, so you will never miss an appointment.

You only pay for the use. And we invoice the way you want.


Within our service areas, we bring the Amber right to your employees doorstep. Is there now a lease car? That is a thing of the past. With Amber you only pay for use and the Amber car is only there when it is needed.

With a hub at the office, the Amber car is available for other colleagues after arrival. This way you need even fewer parking spaces.

Private trips

Of course, your employees also need mobility in the evening or at the weekend. With one touch of a button, they can activate Amber private use and drive privately with Amber.

Of course, they pay for these trips themselves. And that is often much cheaper than paying addition.

Amber Corporate

Amber for your organization? We make sure that Amber perfectly matches the wishes and needs of your organization. We offer:

  • Possibility of your own Amber hub
  • Tailor-made communication and activation plan for your employees
  • Custom administration and billing
  • Manager dashboard with real-time insight into the data
  • 100% electric driving
  • The alternative for your lease vehicle fleet


For organizations with more than 50 drivers.

Our team will be happy to help you put together your Amber plan.