Cars for people who don’t want cars

Always available. Always near. Always electric.

More and more companies choose Amber’s flex cars.
Mobility with and thanks to fewer cars.

To all your business meetings, with zero carbon emissions.

Always a car at your disposal. Pick it up, park it (for free) and return it wherever you want in any Amber city (of which there are quite a few). And meanwhile relieve the stress on traffic, the city and the climate.

Use our app to reserve a flex car. Our team of fleet operators will have it ready for you with plenty of range. Amber lets you take care of business without a worry in the world.

Everywhere in the Netherlands

Amber areas

There are service areas in every medium-sized and large cities. You can always pick up and return an Amber there. Wherever and whenever you want.

A team of fleet operators and our platform ensure that an Amber is available wherever there’s demand.

They keep every Amber clean and charged. Paid parking? Not in an Amber area.

Amber hubs

Outside our service areas, we also have the odd public hub. Orange parking spots with an Amber available. They can be booked in advance or claimed on from the map in our app.

Hubs are mainly found near large companies or co-working spaces.

And here too, we offer guaranteed mobility and zero parking fees.

Always available. Always near. Always electric.

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Clear and transparent costs

Efficiency, cost control and smooth flows for financial administration. You can count on a fixed mileage and trip price for up to 50 employees. And a clear, tailored cost strategy for large SMEs and corporates.

Clarity from the get-go, minimal effort afterwards in terms of administration, expenses and accountability.


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Want to know more?

The a.s.r. story

More sustainable mileage. More efficient use of cars. And fantastic electric driving. a.s.r. explains why it chose Amber.


Check our helpdesk for frequently asked questions about the Amber app, instructions for on the road and electric driving!


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