Always mobile & never any hassle

What is more convenient? Owning a car or a car that’s always ready for you when you need it? With Amber’s 100% electric transport, you’re always mobile. All you need is our app.

Amber makes sure you are always mobile. 100% electric.

Do you drive a company car? At Amber we find that an outdated principle. After all, who is still waiting for the high additional private use tax, CO2 emissions and parking problems? What really matters is that you can drive and leave whenever you want. With the 100% electric Amber car-sharing system, you're always mobile. All you need is our app and a valid driving licence, of course. It's over. Sharing is the new owning!


Your benefits

Uit analyses blijkt dat gemiddeld 10 medewerkers, aan 1 Amber voldoende hebben.

100% guaranteed savings:
our analyses show that with 1 Amber we can cater mobility for up to 10 employees.


100% hassle-free: our app,
our pricing and our Ambers are simply said.. uncomplicated
and easy.


100% sustainable: the Amber fleet consists of 100% electric cars: BMWi3s. These cars sustainably produced and recyclable.


100% guarantee: we promisse
to always provide you with mobility when you need it.
Would you like to test us out?

What does Amber cost?

Amber is a pay-as-you-go service. You pay €0.20 per minute, all-inclusive, so your savings on mobility costs are guaranteed. Also, you make an important contribution to the CO2 reduction. Happy Ambering! 

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