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Amber brings a shared car to your door

Amber Amber1 September 2020

New Amber service makes car sharing easier than car ownership

This September, Dutch nationwide car-sharing platform Amber is launching a new service that allows users to pick up or drop off an Amber car on virtually any street corner. This new Amber service makes car sharing easier than owning a car. Amber is the first to use this method to make
car sharing easy and accessible.

Car delivery service

Eindhoven already has many hubs within reasonable walking distance, but if you happen to live a bit further away, you can now have an Amber car delivered to a location near you. If possible, even to your front door. Hans de Penning, Amber’s CEO: “Initially, Amber was mainly suited to drivers who either worked for one of our corporate clients or lived near a hub.

This service makes Amber available to many more people. If it is successful, we intend to expand it to other cities where Amber already has several hubs. The advantage of having your own car is that you can use it wherever and whenever you want. It gives you a sense of freedom. Amber already offered its users the certainty of having a car available at any time. Now we are giving them that extra bit of freedom by bringing the cars to them.”

Contributing to a healthy, safe and accessible city

Monique List-de Roos, Alderman responsible for mobility: “More and more people are moving to Eindhoven city centre. The city is getting busier all the time. That means we have to take a different approach to mobility. Shared mobility is a wonderful way of contributing to a healthy, safe and accessible city. I am really happy that this new service makes Amber’s shared electric cars available to many more people. We can use this, together with other shared mobility options, as a friendly way to encourage people to change their behaviour. Plus, it helps to keeps the city accessible.”

Car sharing is on the up

Car sharing is becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands. It is good for the environment and cost-effective. You do not need your own parking space or parking permit, and above all, there are no fixed monthly costs. According to the Royal Dutch Touring Club ANWB, the average mid-range car costs around €600 per month. The biggest obstacle to driving a shared car is the fear of not having a car available when you need it. That is why Amber offers a 100% trip guarantee. If you book a car, Amber will ensure that it is there for you, clean and ready to go. Now, the new service in Eindhoven also removes that other drawback of having to walk too far to get to your car. Read more about this new service in Eindhoven. Or check out this video: