The joint venture of the Van Laarhoven and Van Doorne families, Pala Group BV, invests in car-sharing supplier Amber. 

Amber started a year and a half ago with the delivery of shared cars for ABN AMRO. Meanwhile, Amber cars have already driven more than 430,000 kilometres, and the car-sharing concept is available in the six largest cities in the Netherlands.

Largest shared car supplier

“Over the past two years, we have grown week by week. Meanwhile, we have also invested a lot in our software and optimisation of the user experience. Now, we will accelerate even further and become the largest car-sharing service provider in the business market,” says enthusiastic CEO Steven Nelemans. He continues his story: “We can achieve that position because we are completely customer-focused; with over 8500 bookings, we’ve never had to leave a user without a car.

“The market for mobility is undeniably changing. For people living in the city, a lease car is not always the right option. Also, our business customers are making their fleet policy more sustainable in a general sense. With this investment we will participate in the future of mobility,” says Jan Peter Oving, general manager of Pala Group BV about the group’s participation in Amber.

100% ride guarantee

Amber guarantees that a car or alternative will be waiting for you if you have booked. This distinguishes us from pool car initiatives that are organised by companies themselves. This makes Amber a reliable alternative to your own car or lease car.

Amber will grow to national coverage this year. Customers such as ABN AMRO, Philips, Essent and EY use Amber to offer their employees flexible mobility solutions, to save on costs and limit CO2 emissions. We only use fully electric shared cars. No further announcements are made about the investment amount and the conditions.

Would you also like to boost the mobility of your company? Amber helps! 

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