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Working for Amber

We are currently looking for new members to join our team!

We are Amber

And we are convinced that we don’t need this many cars. Cars are stationary for over 23 hours a day. In car parks, in traffic jams, and on our driveways. Imagine what you could do with all that space?! And how much CO2 that would save? That’s why we strive for ‘freedom far beyond car ownership’. With the Amber service, you no longer need a car of your own. We feel this mission and are highly driven to make it a success.


At Amber, we don’t have positions. We have roles, with each team member fulfilling several roles. 
That makes sense, because we all have multiple talents. That’s why we have the following roles:

driving force, takes the initiative, sometimes the project leader but not necessarily

contributes ideas based on expertise, conducts research and collects client insights

makes, develops, writes and types codes

delivers optimisation, takes various perspectives into consideration

Niels Dievelaar (28), member of the Operations & Support Team. Started as a student, but eventually decided to join Amber 100%.

How did you end up here? 
I started as a Fleet Operator in 2018, as a part time job while I was studying Property and Estate Agency. After just three months, I switched to an office job in Operations. 

What made you want to work for Amber full-time?
I loved seeing the company develop. Amber was simply more interesting than my studies. I also got on really well with my colleagues. That’s why I quit my studies and decided to fully focus on Amber. I won’t finish my final paper any time soon,  but who knows? I might still do that in the future. 

What does Amber mean to you?
It’s a lifestyle and it offers a certain structure. Amber gave me a goal to focus on. I’m really grateful to the company for that. I’ve also gained friendships, or rather: a whole new circle of friends.

Want to work for a great organisation?

At Amber, we are given opportunities and we create our own challenges. We are responsible for making our own jobs amazing. How?

By being the best you can be.
Project-based work
Working where and when you want
Determining your own annual leave
Discussing things quickly and efficiently

Sharing successes
Staying highly motivated
Helping and communicating openly

Would you like to work for Amber?
We are currently looking for new members to join our team!