Our Amber Team

We are making car sharing the new norm

We have a shared ambition, which we want to achieve single-handed.
With electric car sharing at your fingertips, it makes no sense to own a car anymore.

Creating a healthy, flourishing world

Working 9 to 5? Meh. Contributing directly to a better world? A must. Following orders? We prefer to initiate things ourselves. Thinking in terms of solutions? It’s our second nature.

It generates the typical Amber spirit to fix, think, fight, laugh and make a difference together, where soft skills, summa cum lauds and the entrepreneurial spirit are on equal footing.

Jobs for people who don’t want (average) jobs.
Interested? We’re always looking for talent.

How to make car sharing mainstream

Fleet Operators

Smart technology & personal service

Our smart AI platform informs (or predicts) exactly where there’s demand for mobility. Our team of fleet operators ensures that our Ambers are situated exactly where they’re needed.

This combination of data-driven technology and human effort is the driving force behind Amber. And it provides the coolest part-time job in the Netherlands!


Non-stop development

Our team of developers work full time on perfecting our software and our app. Of course, new functions to make our app as user-friendly as possible. But mostly back-end optimalisations. In order for our AI platform to match supply and demand, deploy our fleet ops efficiently and ensure that every Amber replaces a growing number of cars.



Amber is easy. Just do it. We’re there to help.

Electric driving? Pretty daunting, according to everyone who hasn’t tried it. If this is your first time, we’ll make sure you get the hang of it quickly. If you have any doubts, just give us a call. Really, you’ll never want to go back to your old way of doing things. Our phone lines are always open for breakdowns on the road. And we’re always there to offer you a solution. That’s our 100% mobility guarantee.


Amber implementation

Flex-driving the way you like it

Switching from traditional mobility to future-proof flex-driving? You’ll only do it once. So it has to be done well. Our sales & implementation team coordinates, adapts, implements and activates. From matching expense systems to internal communication tools and an Amber Rally at the office. So you can achieve your objectives.

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