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Successful platooning test

Merien Merien19 February 2019

On a bus lane in Eindhoven Amber has successfully tested platooning of its BMW i3 cars. Platooning is a form of autonomous driving where the first car is driven by a driver and other cars follow automatically. Amber has used modified BMW i3s for this purpose. Below is a video impression of this test.

Amber offers ‘guaranteed mobility’, if a car is reserved we guarantee that it is there. To make this possible, cars have to be moved regularly between hubs. This is done by fleet operators. Platooning allows one fleet operator to move several cars at the same time. Amber’s COO, Joep Sloot, led the test.

This was the first test on a closed bus lane. To makes this possible the company worked together with SmartwayZ.NL and the municipality of Eindhoven. The ultimate goal is to actually use bus lanes at night to redistribute the cars.