Clear & transparent

Always a fair price

Paying for stationary cars is a thing of the past.
Choose flex-driving, with control on mileage and costs.

Cost efficiency and reduction

No expensive lease contracts. The joys of paying per and no more worries about maintenance, car washes, insurance, etc. Paid parking? Not in our service areas. Get in, drive off, park, done.

Costs for self-employed & SMEs

Fixed price per kilometre
€ 0,40
Hourly rates
Daytime (7 AM to 7 PM)
€ 3,50
Evening & night (7 PM to 7 AM)
€ 1,-
Fixed rates
Minimum fare
€ 7,50

The joys of a flex-car without the burdens. For independent entrepreneurs and SMEs.

Cost for large organisations

From 100+ employees

More mobility, with fewer cars

Hybrid working, the war on talent: the new demand for mobility and traditional solutions are increasingly difficult to match. Flex-driving is inevitable. It allows you to control costs and it gives you full flexibility.

Make your employees mobile and happy, and allow them to lend a helping hand in creating healthy, flourishing cities. Mobility exactly where and when your people need it. No more, no less.

Cost estimates tailored to your policy

Expenses, mobility budgets, pre-calculations and re-calculations? We assimilate transactions and costs in your existing systems. Carefully tailored rates for one fixed price per month, a meticulously designed implementation plan.

Freedom of mobility for the talent you employ and control over your company’s costs and processes.

Contact us for
sustainable flex-mobility solutions
tailored to your organisation

We put together the ideal Amber package for you.
Zero CO2 and all (electric) mobility wherever and whenever you want.

Indication to private trips

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