The story of Amber

Our story started in Eindhoven, in the south of the Netherlands. As students at the TU, we saw more and more electric cars driving in the city. Many, but not enough. What we thought was lacking was a compact and affordable model. An electric car for everyone. Only then would people be willing to give up their gasoline cars.


Going against the stream


First feeling


Sharing = better


Not waiting, but acting.

We are Hans, Steven and Joep. Study partners and car freaks. And Merien, who was convinced that in the future everyone would drive electrically, but first, the industry had to undergo the necessary developments.
We wanted to storm the market with a compact electric car that we would develop ourselves. Our car would be better and more economical than what was already there. Even self-driving!

But ambition, drive and technological knowledge ultimately had to make way for realism. A new car brand requires a dealer network, after-sales, service and warranties. After all, a car has to drive. Around the clock.We concluded that we would never be able to offer the car owner 100% guarantees, which was our goal. Building a compact, energy-efficient electric car is one thing. But getting such a car on the market, with everything that comes with it, turned out to be out of our reach.

What to do?

We decided not to sell the car, but to share it. By sharing, every car can be used optimally. It is the ultimate solution for the surplus of cars and the shortage of parking space.
Initiatives to share cars were already underway in the private market, but the business market lagged, while most of those cars go unused for most of the day. So that became our focus.

Car sharing for the business market.

We switched from building cars to sharing cars. We aim to get more business drivers in shared cars. Electric cars, obviously. It took off quickly after this. We looked for and found a reliable electric car with a great character. The BMW i3 has the convenience of a city car and a look that suits the business market. The car is luxurious, sustainable and reliable. We focused on developing a fantastic car-sharing platform. A tool that offers full facilities and is easy to use for customers. Because only if you have 100% guarantee;

  • that your car is there when you need it,
  • that you can drive as far as you want,
  • that we will never let you down,
  • Only then is 'sharing' a fully-fledged alternative to 'owning'.

All our passion, know-how and conviction come together in the Amber app. Users use it to book, start, refuel and park their Amber. They trust it, and rightly so because, behind the scenes, a team of highly motivated people ensures that you as a user are never disappointed. Even if we have to interrupt our management meeting to get it done, your car will always be there.