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Invite your Friends

Earn both €10 with Amber Invite your Friends

Are you happy with driving Amber and being an early adopter with your friends? Then the Invite your Friends promotion is really something for you. We are happy with all the sustainable kilometers you make and that’s why you can Invite your Friends from Monday 7 December 2020. 

It’s very easy. Tell your friends and family about Amber, go to “my profile” in the Amber app and share the invitation link with the promotion code. You both receive €10 discount after your friend has made his/her first trip. If another friend also makes his/her first trip, you’ll receive €10 discount on your next trip again. Please note that you can only use one discount code per trip. 

This is how it works:

  • All drivers who use Amber privately can participate in Invite your Friends. You cannot invite and register yourself, but you can invite all your friends and family who are not yet driving with Amber;
  • Amber drivers can invite one or more friends through “my profile”. There is no limit; the more, the better!
  • Existing drivers receive the discount as soon as the new driver has made his/her first trip;
  • This promotion is only available for personal trips. If a trip is partly business and partly personal, the discount will only be applied on the personal trips.
  • The promotion starts on Monday 7 December 2020.