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In the Zuidas business district, ABN AMRO and EY choose Amber car-sharing service

Merien Merien29 January 2019

20 February 2018 – ABN AMRO and EY have signed an agreement with Amber to offer shared electric cars to their employees at the Zuidas, the business district of Amsterdam. This is a one-year pilot project, enabling the companies to contribute to the improvement of the traffic and parking situation around the Zuidas. 

Innovative car-sharing service at Zuidas 

Amsterdam Zuidas is one of the most important business districts in the Netherlands. More than 700 businesses and 7,000 homes are located in an area that is just over 2.5 square kilometres in size. The area is experiencing strong growth and remains attractive for new businesses.  Work is already underway on the construction of a 3-billion-euro project, the ‘Zuidasdok’, to expand the train station, widen roads and build tunnels for more traffic. In addition to these investments, innovations in mobility are necessary to ensure the accessibility of the Zuidas in the future.

By bringing Amber to the Zuidas, ABN AMRO and EY are taking a concrete step towards mobility innovation. Thanks to Amber, employees can avoid traffic jams by using other forms of transport to get to work, such as a bicycle or train, and then use Amber to go to business appointments during the day. Using intelligent predictive software and elements such as calendar integration, Amber can ensure that a car is available to employees when they need it.

“The move towards the Zuidas is very important to us,” says Steven Nelemans, Amber CEO. “We are now active in the business heart of the Netherlands where we are demonstrating that a shared car is also a good solution for professionals.”

Amber started at ABN AMRO in Eindhoven last May; the company opened a hub at the High-Tech Campus Eindhoven in September, and added hubs at Flight Forum in Eindhoven and Fontys Universities of Applied Sciences in Eindhoven and Tilburg only last month.

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