If this is you then please fill in the postcode check and you will immediately receive a personal offer from Amber.

You can do the postcode check here: Fill in your postcode and we will show you if there is a hub within walking distance of your company! If there is no hub yet, we can open one in consultation with you. A hub is a fixed place where Ambers can be parked, charged and left behind and consists of parking spaces and charging stations.

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My employer is already using Amber

What does Amber cost?

Amber is a pay-as-you-go service. You only pay for the use of Amber.

The basis of the Amber pricing is a combination of a kilometer rate and a price per minute rate.  

In addition to Pay per use as you are used to, you can now choose between different plans. With the plans, the fixed monthly fee determines the discount you’ll get on the kilometer rate. There are three different plans:

An hour with Amber costs:

From Monday to Friday €2,50 per hour
between 08:00 and 18:00

During weekends €1 per hour
between 08:00 and 22:00

The prices will be rounded to whole minutes and outside the times above
there are no costs per hour.

€10,- one time onboarding fee

Pay per use

Recommended for: -100 km a month

  • € 0 per month
  • € 0,35 per kilometer


Recommended for: +/- 100 km a month

  • € 5 per month
  • € 0,30 per kilometer


Recommended for: +/- 300 km a month

  • € 20 per month
  • € 0,25 per kilometer


Recommended for: +500 km a month

  • € 150 per month
  • € 0 per kilometer

It is always possible to change your plan, it will then start on the first of the following month.

For your business plan, all rates are excl. VAT. For your personal plan, all rates are incl. VAT.


Driving with Amber means:

Pay per use you only pay for your use

Affordable driving by using a plan

Fixed all-in rates no additional loading or insurance costs

A one-time onboarding fee of € 10 per user