The sustainable, flexible mobility we want for our business

With and thanks to fewer cars.

All-inclusive sustainable mobility that works well and feels good.
Amber is as easy as it sounds: make a reservation in the app, get in and drive off.

The joys of a flex car without any burdens. For freelancers & SMEs.

How Amber works for independent entrepreneurs & SMEs

The time is right for purpose-driven mobility

Every Amber makes countless other cars redundant.
So hit the road and start creating liveable cities in a sustainable world.

All-in app for independent entrepreneurs

Register your company, download the app and off you go on your sustainable trips.
Efficiency, convenience, control and the joys of pay-per-use. Oh, and all your admin is in-app.

All-in app + dashboard for SMEs

Are your lease contracts expiring? Need a better grip on your costs, your employees’ mileage, sustainability and/or more flexibility? Sign up and go for it.

Freedom and control

The freedom to pick up and drop off our car whenever and wherever you want in any service area, with no parking or maintenance fees. Also: smart insights in costs. All of it compiled in-app.

What does it cost?
Fixed price per kilometre
€ 0,40
Hourly rates
Daytime (7 AM to 7 PM)
€ 3,50
Evening & night (7 PM to 7 AM)
€ 1,-
Fixed rates
Minimum fare
€ 7,50

Interested in sustainable flex-driving?

From the office? From home? Or a station? Flex-drive with Amber.

Download our app

How Amber works for large organisations

From 100+ employees

Attractive employment
In the war on talent, in realising sustainable ambitions and cost control. The car that makes work more comfortable, simple and sustainable.
Always available. Always near. Always electric.

From pilot to plan
Your organisation ready for Amber? Go for it in one step or in stages. Try a pilot with a lucky few first.
We coordinate, set up, generate data, adapt, make operational and integrate.
Fewer cars and flexible (sustainable) business mobility at attractive rates.

Freedom of choice and cost control
Simple platform for employers
Simple app for employees

100% mobility guarantee
Amber is there, wherever there’s demand
No fixed costs, can be cancelled monthly
Full freedom for employees
Full insight and overview for employers

Tailor-made activation
Choose the perfect route yourself. Prefer an all-the-way plan or rather a light version? Want to inform, motivate and activate every employee? We’ll take care of it. Together we will give car space back to the city.

A score of 8.5 to 9
We’re happy with banks, multinationals and government and educational institutions. And they’re happy with us. Thanks for the nice scores. We’re now the largest company in the Netherlands in service capacity and service areas.

Contact us for
sustainable flex-mobility solutions
tailored to your organisation

We can put together the ideal Amber package for you.
Zero CO2 and all (electric) mobility wherever and whenever you want.

Or send an email to [email protected]

How Amber works for employees

Flex-driving with Amber, also from home
Has your employer chosen Amber? Yes!
Get behind the wheel for a successful sales pitch, top-notch meeting or relaxed business lunch. From the office, a station or even your home.

Step 1 Download the app
Simply download it on your smartphone. Register with the app, reserve a trip, unlock your Amber and have all the info you might need on the road at your fingertips.

Step 2 Register
Register with your business email address. The app will recognise you instantly. Have your driving licence ready! As soon as your registration is complete, you can start driving.

Any questions?
Amber is easy. Just give it a try!
We accompany you every (new) step of the way.
From booking your first trip to how to adjust the mirrors in the BMW i3. Find out more by reading our FAQ.

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