How does Amber work?

Do the postcode
check here

Register yourself at

Download the app and
make a reservering

Pick up your Amber at a hub and get in!

With the Amber app, you can reserve, unlock and park your Amber. Start Ambering and you won't want anything else!

Do the postcode check

You can do the postcode check here.

Fill in your postcode and we will show you if there is a hub within walking distance of your company! If there is no hub yet, we can open one in consultation with you. A hub is a fixed place where Ambers can be parked, charged and left behind and consists of parking spaces and charging stations.

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You can register yourself at

In order to complete your registration, we need some final details. This includes your name, address, company name and a copy of your personal driver's license. Don't worry it only takes 5 minutes to register! We only need to verify your details after which you are ready to go! If you don't have any appointments planned yet, that's ok! You can register in advance ensuring that when you do need to use Amber you can hop straight in.

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Download the Amber app

Download the app and make a reservation.

You can download our app via the icons below (or via the App Store / Google Play store). Reservations are easy and quick to make. Want to know how? Then watch this video! Our hub network is growing every day, so check the app regularly for new locations. And occasionally we will send you an update with all our new locations ensuring that you are fully up to date.



Get in!

Pick up your Amber at any hub and start driving.

In order to get going, we understand that driving in an electric car may be a new experience! That's why every Amber user receives a telephonic or live demo when starting their first trip. If you want to find out more about driving a BMWi3, please click here!

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Public hub

Private hub