Hulp nodig?


one big Amber hub.

Amber offers you the freedom to drive where and when you want.

What does the new service mean to me? From 1 September, all of Eindhoven will be one big Amber hub. That means you can pick up or drop off your Amber anywhere in the service area.  And we make sure a car will be available for you at any time. You don’t need to walk to a hub: in Eindhoven we bring your car.

How does it work? We’ll bring the Amber to you. Of course, if you book only one hour in advance, we’ll still offer the 100% trip guarantee.  

How does the 100% trip guarantee work? We can guarantee your trip 100%, provided you make your reservation long enough in advance.

Where can I leave the car? You can leave the Amber in public parking spaces in Eindhoven. You’re not allowed to leave an Amber in a multi-storey car park, in a car park with opening hours, or in a place where parking is not permitted. If you do, you’ll have to pay the direct costs (e.g. parking fee, tow-away charges etc.) plus a €50 penalty. 

So I don’t have to pay parking fees? All Ambers have parking permits for on-street parking in the city of Eindhoven, so you don’t need to worry about parking fees when using municipal parking spaces. 

How do I end the reservation? In order to end the reservation in the service area, you need to park the Amber within 500 metres (as the crow flies) of your chosen drop-off location. 

Please think about the next driver… When dropping off the Amber, it is important that you connect it to a charging point. No charging point in sight? An Amber must not be left unconnected to a charging point if the battery is less than 10% full. Please contact us if you can’t find a charging point or if it doesn’t charge properly.

In which area can I use the new Amber service? Please check our app for the area.

Check out this video: