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More space for people and our cities

As many as 70% of people live, work, study and spend free timein our cities. Sure, our cities are overcrowded. And the air isn’t exactly clean. What’s more, our cities accommodate more than 6 million cars every day, and these cars stand still 96% of the time. What a waste of space, air quality and efficiency.

Smart technology and personal service

We want to keep the world healthy and flourishing. That’s why we created flexible mobility: electric cars that are always nearby and available, thanks to AI software and personal service. A non-stop service for businesses that’s taking an increasing number of cars off the road.

Every Amber takes 20 other cars off the road

Right now, every Amber makes 6 other cars redundant. Soon that will be 20. We’re growing fast, as is the number of unnecessary cars. That means more accessible, open cities and a healthy living environment with ample space and zero carbon emissions.

In all major cities and towns

We offer better mobility with and thanks to fewer cars in all major cities. We are working with industry and governments to turn every city into a pleasant green ecosystem with plenty of room space for energy and the future. A place to live and to love sustainably. A place for everyone.

We ensure that Amber matches perfectly with your organization’s needs and desires

For example, we offer:

  • The possibility of your own Amber hub
  • A communication and activation plan for your employees
  • A tailored administration and billing service
  • A manager dashboard with real-time access to data
  • 100% electric driving
  • The alternative for your fleet of lease vehicles

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