Meet Jan Hendrik Golubowitsch! He works as a relations manager at ABN AMRO and is our first Driver of the Month. Why? Because he sold his car and started using Amber. Curious? Quickly read on.

From own car to shared car

Why did you have your own car?
I joined ABN AMRO 2 years ago as a relationship manager in the real estate sector for the Zeeland region. At the time, I was based in Rotterdam and had to visit customers, often in poorly accessible places. During my application, I was told that it was necessary to buy a car. I didn’t have a car because I lived in Amsterdam at the time. So, the decision to buy a car was mainly made because of the province where I worked and my role as a relationship manager.

Later, I found myself in a new position in the Leisure sector in Amsterdam, with all my customers in the centre of Amsterdam. Then I moved to The Hague, so I travelled by car from The Hague to Amsterdam every day. That was not ideal at all.

So, you sold your car?
Yes! I didn’t use my car privately, because my girlfriend already has a lease car. We had two cars, one of which was purely for commuting, because my customer appointments in the centre were better accessible with public transport. The Amber solution suits me perfectly. I now come to work every day by train, which saves me at least an hour of traffic jams. If I have to go to a customer who is less easily accessible by public transport, I just take an Amber.

Was your girlfriend positive about giving up your car? Was she convinced about the alternative?
At first, she didn’t think it was such a good idea. Especially given the fact that her company might also no longer offer lease cars as part of the in the employment conditions. She was thinking “We have our own car, why can’t we keep it?” But if you start calculating it, I mean it is very expensive, I don’t need the car, and this is something that we can save money on. So, we soon concluded that it was a smart move, and she supported me in the end. Now that there are many nice alternatives, like Amber, you don’t need a car anymore!

Meet the driver

Time for some more personal questions. Who is the person behind the Driver of the Month?

What do you do in your spare time?
I love doing fun things with friends, and with my girlfriend. I love good food, good drinks and just enjoying life, I think that comes from my background in hotel management education.

So, you spend your free time living ‘the good life’?
Yes, exactly! I work extremely hard from Monday to Friday, so I deserve to relax during the weekend.

Have you recently been somewhere nice?
China! I went to Shanghai, for the wedding of one of my old roommates. It’s a very different culture than we are accustomed to here, but it is super interesting and fun.

And what were the highlights?
/strong>The contrast between modern and traditional elements in Shanghai. There is a 5-star hotel in one street, and in the next street, you feel like you’re in ‘old China’. That was special. And of course, the experience of such a different culture. You read a lot about it, but you don’t really understand it until you’re in the middle of it! 

I hear you talk a lot about ‘doing things’. I also hear that this is quite often reflected in your daily life, in terms of your job. Is that perhaps one of the things that drive you: doing new things, trying out new experiences. Are you always looking for that?
I like to try new things that can actually be better than the things you have now. This is also often reflected in daily life. A bank employs quite a lot of people who are set in their old ways, when it comes to topics such as transport budgets, parking spaces, and you realise that you have to keep up with the times. I like the fact that ABN AMRO is committed to sustainability, and is trying to manage the CO2 emissions and this beautiful CIRCL building. Its vision is reflected in everything we do.

Okay, get ready, I am going to ask you a bit of a cheesy question. What are you most proud of?
Or at least name some of the things that made you happy! When I was young, it was my dream to go into the hotel business. I have a bachelor’s degree in hotel management, but my master’s degree was in a different field, financial and marketing. I made the switch to the banking industry, and it took me a while to find my way there. I asked myself ‘‘How can I find my passion in this field of work?’’ Now I’ve been working there for three years, in the leisure industry of ABN, where I can combine everything very well. I am proud to sit here now and say: ”Hey, I am doing something I enjoy!” I certainly would not have thought that two years ago.

Can you give some keywords that summarise your drive?
Passion! You have to have a clear goal, and determine the path to reach that goal. I think you can only be really good at something if you’re passionate about it. Passion makes you want to get the maximum result, and makes you willing to go the extra mile! I would never have thought that I would enjoy going to work. I am proud of that. I am also proud of the fact that I have settled down. I am getting married next year, and I’ve bought a house, so let’s start living that adult life. Last year was a great year for me. When I think back to 5 years ago, I didn’t think I would be here now. I’m getting married, I have a house, and I do something I really enjoy. And those are wonderful things! So, if you like something and are passionate about it, eventually things will turn out for the best

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