Amsterdam, 6 June 2018 – At the Provada real estate fair in Amsterdam, Amber and Bakkers | Hommen Waerdevast & tB3 investments signed a letter of intent to invest jointly in flexible mobility.  

Flexible mobility

Car ownership is no longer the norm in Dutch urban centres. Residents are increasingly opting for flexibility. Municipalities want to reduce car ownership in the city to create space for other activities.

As a developer and investor of flexible housing solutions, including Smart City Lofts, BHW also wants to offer its tenants flexible mobility. “Certainly, our short-stay customers will not quickly buy a car for the period that they live in an apartment. That does not mean that they never need a car, which is why we want to offer shared cars. With Amber, we have found the specialist to offer this at a professional level,” says Tom Bakkers of BHW.

“An apartment building often has one or two shared cars for its residents. But if these are in use, that’s bad luck for you. That is not mobility you can count on. Amber offers Guaranteed Mobility. When you book a car, we make sure we have one available for you. If necessary, we will deliver an extra car. We’ve never left a customer out in the cold,” Steven Nelemans, Amber CEO, describes their service.

Fewer parking spaces

By offering shared cars, less parking space is needed. One Amber car can replace up to ten private cars. This frees up a lot of parking space. Residents can select the right form of mobility for each trip. The use of the Amber cars is charged per minute, and there are no subscription fees. The Amber app is used to book, open and start the car. The service fits in well with the digital character of the Smart City Lofts.

In Eindhoven, B|H|W and Amber have started a pilot for The Wall project.

About Amber

Amber  is a new generation car-sharing platform that uses an intelligent app and custom electric BMW i3s to drastically reduce the number of cars needed to serve a certain number of people. With the Amber app, users are assured of on-demand access to electric mobility. The service is currently available to companies and helps them to offer their employees flexible mobility.

Amber’s vision is to offer on-demand emission-free mobility worldwide, contributing to the energy transition and the quality of life in cities.

About BHW & tB3 investments

Both BHW and tB3 are involved in optimising real estate in the broadest sense of the word.
Through re-development, active asset management, transformations, but mainly through creative, inventive new interpretations, we add value to the buildings in our portfolios, creating new specific functions for the locations, with an interesting sustainable investment value, both for the end investor, the financier and the client.

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