Oscar Dusschooten opende na uitleg van Thom Sabel de eerste elektrische deelauto met de Amber app. 

In the Zuiderpark district in Stappegoor, residents can now easily use fully electric shared cars. This project officially started in Friday 30 November.

The Consortium Stappegoor starts the shared cars pilot in collaboration with the municipality, Syntrus Achmea and Amber. Alderman Oscar Dusschooten (emission-free transport) gave the starting signal.

A car available any time of the day

Amber’s shared electric cars are located on the Cevennenstraat in the Zuiderpark district. Amber offers the guarantee that there is always a shared car available. Users only pay a rate per minute, there are no entry or subscription costs. The shared car can be returned to so-called hubs, and there is always free parking here. For further explanation and more information, please visit the driveamber website 

Fewer cars, less CO2 emission

E Shared electric cars are a sustainable solution for occasional car use. The introduction of shared cars means fewer parking spaces are needed in a neighbourhood and more space remains for greenery and playgrounds. Fewer cars and less CO2 emission, that is the result that the parties involved hope to achieve with this pilot. Alderman De Vries (project alderman for Stappegoor) and Alderman Dusschooten (alderman for emission-free transport) are involved in this pilot. Berend de Vries: “Energy transition, electric driving, emission-free transport. These are all things we have to deal with. It is good to raise awareness about alternatives. As far as we are concerned, an electric transport pilot fits perfectly into an area such as Stappegoor, which is also rapidly developing.”

Expansion of charging infrastructure in Tilburg

CO2 emissions contribute to global warming. It is therefore important that we work to reduce these emissions. Leaving your car at home more often, travelling more efficiently and cleaner, those are options that help. More and more drivers are switching to electric driving. It is expected that by 2030 1.9 million cars will be driving electrically. “That means a lot of changes in the charging infrastructure. The municipality of Tilburg is leading the way, preparing the city for this. Charging is possible at more and more locations in the city. We determine locations together with residents and market parties’, says Oscar Dusschooten, alderman for emission-free transport. “The cooperation in Zuiderpark has a double effect: fewer cars in use and less emission. We wholeheartedly encourage that.”

First public fast charger coming soon at the Burgemeester Brokxlaan

Tilburg’s first public fast charger will soon be created at the Burgemeester Brokxlaan. There will also be charging stations, which will be activated shortly. You can also apply to the council for a charging point in your street; go to the page ‘charging stations for electric vehicles’ on this website. Would you like to see where the charging stations in Tilburg are? Check the website www.oplaadpalen.nl.

Source: www.tilburg.nieuws.nl