On the day that saw the seventh strongest storm ever recorded in the Netherlands, we were celebrating our launch at Flight Forum in Eindhoven. The strong winds thankfully didn’t deter us, but some relics of the storm can still be seen in the overturned plant pots in the background of some of our photos.

Expansion to Flight Forum

We had a celebratory lunch with the organization team from Flight Forum, and with team members from HEYDAY, the business park’s facility management. Eindhoven’s Studio040was busy filming our CEO Steven, and they also interviewed Guus Sluijter, director of Flight Forum and strategic advisor to the City of Eindhoven.

Guus plans on using Amber for his appointments at the City Hall in Eindhoven. “I can basically ‘borrow’ this car,” Guus says, pointing to the Amber BMW i3 behind him. “I can do that with an app – I’m really curious to see how this works. I can take the car and park it in the center of town during my appointment, and then drive it back afterward and connect it to the hub charging station. Then someone else can use it after me. I get the transportation I need when I need it, and it’s safe and environmentally responsible.”

Steven sees this expansion to Flight Forum as just one more step in the right direction. “The more locations where we have Amber, the fewer cars need to stand around in parking lots all day. You see it all around you: Overflowing parking garages, cars that end up standing still more than 23 hours per day. It’s a waste, and it’s not even necessary!”

New Amber hub

The Amber hub at Flight Forum will be finished in March, complete with orange parking spaces and charging stations. Companies located at Flight Forum are invited to sign up now to offer this service to their employees.

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